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logo ahai is a Korean & Street Style Women’s Fashion Clothing Online Store offering women’s apparel, dresses, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, etc. Special Offers Only $9.99 & Free shipping make shopping a great deal.

I already have a wishlist of favourite items and it’s still growing 🙂


If you are new on, you will get 3% off for the first order. There are over 40 special offers everyday and only $9.99, so don’t hesitate to put your favorite clothes into your bags, worth to do it, enjoy your shopping.

Just for my special readers, I am hosting an international giveaway sponsored by will be 2 lucky winners and the prize will be according with the number of participants:

  • If there are 100 valid participants, free clothes worth $30 will be given to 2 lucky winners (1 from  $9.99 section and 1 item from $19.80 section )
  •  If there are less than 100 valid participants, 2 lucky winners will receive $15 coupons each that can be used on AhaiShopping(when your order)

So, the more participants, the better!

How to win?

  1. Like Ahai Shopping and Ana Naghi on Facebook
  2. Follow Ahai Shopping on Google+.
  3. Follow Ahai Shopping and Ana Naghi on Twitter(optional)
  4. Follow Ahai Shopping on Pinterest. (optional)
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  6. Leave a comment with your facebook name, Google user, email address(if you don’t want to make it public, put it on the comment case), URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section, twitter username, link of the share/tweet.

A few ideas of what you can choose 🙂


The time period of this giveaway is August 25 – September 15, 2013.

Winners will be chosen via and will be notified via e-mail.

Good luck to you all and don’t forget to visit! 🙂

 UPDATE:The winner of the 2 prizes – $30 coupon each- are:

                                                     1. Nannette Magaway

winner 12.Krys Angel

winner 2


Congratulations! I will send you an e-mail and talk there about the way of getting the prizes.

Thank you all for the participation and stay close, very soon I’ll start a new international giveaway! 🙂


  1. Nicoleta Alexandra

    Facebook name: Nicoleta Alexandra

    Google+ name: Nicoleta Badea

    Twitter username: @hubba1bubba

    Pinterest name: Nicoleta Alexandra Badea

    Email address:

    item 1:

    item 2:

  2. Rotaru Gabriela Tatiana

    FB: Rotaru Gabriela Tatiana
    Google + :Rotaru Gabriela

  3. Frant delia

    Fb: Frant L. Delia; Google+ : Delia Letitia

  4. Durus Octavia

    facebook name: durus octavia

    Google user: durus octavia

    email address:

    URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section

    Twitter username: durus octavia @ scumpetea

    link of the share/tweet:

  5. Aghinitei Maria

    fb; Aghinitei Maria
    google Aghinitei Maria
    share concurs:

  6. Teodora Oprea

    Facebook name: Teodora Opr
    Google+ name: Teodora Oprea (Baby Portraits)
    Twitter username: Baby Portraits
    Pinterest name: Teodora Opr
    Email address:

    item 1:

    item 2:


    Produse link-uri :

    Fallow: GOOGLE: Danutza Danutzica

  8. Mihaela Luca

    facebook name: Mihaela Luca
    Google user: Mihaela Luca
    email address:
    Pinterest: Mihaela Luca
    Link share:
    URL’s of my 2 favorite items from $9.99:
    and $19.80 section:

  9. Aghinitei Maria

    fb: google+: Aghinitei Maria

  10. Facebook name- Jasmine Bhatia
    Google+ name- Jasmine Bhatia


    Link 2-

  11. LA VALE

    done and tweet

    Link 2-
    fb e google+: valentina gregori
    twitter @valeegregori

  12. Joana

    facebook name: Joana Nascimento
    Google user: Joana Nascimento
    email address:

  13. Joana


    facebook name: Joana Nascimento
    Google user: Joana Nascimento
    email address:

    twitter: @JoanNascimento

  14. Name=Nannette Magaway
    Google=Nannette Magaway
    facebook link=
    twitter link=

  15. alyson

    enter me pls and shared
    Facebook: Alyson Climbon

  16. Silvia M F

    Hello I follow you everywhere! i’d like the one with butterflies! I love butterflies!
    FB: Silvia MF
    twitter @saria_f
    pinterest: Silvia F.

  17. Eleonora

    Eleonora Elena Rosato on FB
    Elena Roxanne on Google +
    @lellis96 on twitter


  18. Fiore di neve

    great giveaway =)
    facebook & gfc- fiore di neve
    pinterest & bloglovin – fiore di neve
    twitter- palermobella


  19. valentina fruch
    FB valentina frucchi fruch
    email valentinafruch(at)
    TWITTER valeholopainen
    g+ valentina fruch
    shared on my fb wall

  20. Divya Asha

    Facebook name: Divya Asha
    Google user: Divya Asha
    email address:
    URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section:
    twitter username: @DivyaAsha
    link of the share:

  21. Emina

    FB name: Emina Đuđo
    Google+ name: Emina Đuđo
    Pinterest name: Emina Đuđo (eminauo)
    Email address:

    Item 1:

    Item 2:

    Shared on my FB wall 🙂

  22. 1.Like Ahai Shopping and Ana Naghi on Facebook: mihaela pojogu
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    3.Follow Ahai Shopping and Ana Naghi on Twitter(optional):@MihaelaPojogu
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    5.tweet about this giveaway.
    mihaela.mihordea at

  23. Cristina Elena Diaconu

    Fb: Cristina Elena Diaconu
    Google Nmae: Cristina Elena
    item 1:
    item 2:

  24. Kimberly Camille Tiu

    facebook name: Kimberly Camille Tiu
    Google user: Kimberly Camille Tiu
    email address:

    URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section:

    twitter username: kimtiu37
    link of the share/tweet:


  26. Sunshine

    Buna 🙂
    FB name: Sabina Lavinia
    Google user name: Sunshine sunshinne
    Email adress: bynna9 [at] yahoo [dot] com
    Cele doua produse preferate sunt:
    Pupici! :*

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  28. Aurelie Red

    Hi, thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    FB : Aurelie Rixa
    Google + : Aurelie Red
    Pinterest : Tolemee
    Twitter @AurelieRed
    Tweet link :
    My fav items are :

  29. Alta Infante

    FB name: Alta Infante
    Google user: Alta Infante
    email address: alta.infante(at)
    URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section: and
    twitter username: @itsaltainfante
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  30. Facebook Name – Megha Shrimali
    Google User Name – Megha Shrimali
    Email ID –
    twitter username – Megha Shrimali (@LeoAmore6)
    link of the share tweet –
    the 2 items I love –

  31. Francesca Furlan

    • Follow Ahaishopping and follow you on FACEBOOK: Francesca Furlan
    • Follow Ahaishopping on GOOGLE+: Francesca Furlan
    • Follow Ahaishopping and follow you on TWITTER: @Francesca_FF_
    • Follow Ahaishopping on PINTEREST: Francesca Furlan
    • I tweeted the giveaway:

    • ITEM 1:
    • ITEM 2:

    • EMAIL:

  32. Adriana Elena Stanescu

    facebook name: Adriana Elena Stanescu
    Google user: Adriana Elena Stanescu
    email address:
    URL’s of your 2 favorite items from $9.99 and $19.80 section:
    link of the share:

  33. facebook name- gustosa giveaways
    Google user – gustosa giveaways
    email address – gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom
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  34. hello good am,how to claim my prize.. i emailed but no respose until todate.. please inform me on how to claim and where to calim????? than you po

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